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The Game communties:
This community thegame_ftw is a general community devoted to the awesomeness of the Game. It is generally intended for squeeing over characters/pairings and whatnot. thegame_ftw is NOT an IN CHARACTER/IN GAME community, though many posts are from logged in characters (such as this post), things said or done by logged in characters in this community have, in terms of The Game and its plot, not actually taken place in the world of The Game.

The lonely_lounge is an IN CHARACTER meeting point within the Game itself. Posts in the lonely_lounge are a part of The Game and the events that occur within The Game.

All characters may, and probably should, join the closed community teh_gameplay. The teh_gameplay community is a strictly OUT OF CHARACTER discussion and meeting place for discussing plot developments, character availability, timezones and so forth.

The Rules of The Game (thanks to off_c)
Keep yourself informed about what's happening in the Game, so you have a feel for the world the players have created and the storylines you can and can't fit yourself into.

Be respectful of what other people are doing, play along with and accept their actions, and pay attention to signals indicating that they don't want their storyline interrupted.

Be creative, so you're able to find an interesting or amusing reason to interact. Just showing up in the middle of something and expecting others to do the work of making sense of it, or giving you a purpose, will annoy people.

General Gameplay:
There are no hard and fast rules regarding the lonely_lounge community. More minor and newer characters may wish to use the lounge to post their entries, in order to assure they are read by all players, even those who have not friended you. More established characters tend to use the lounge for more general posts that are expected to have multiple characters involved such as parties and meetings and use their own journal for more personal, one-on-one interaction. Players posting in the lounge are encouraged to use tags, tags can be requested by leaving a message in this community or teh_gameplay, and also STRONGLY encouraged to use the location tag in their entries to explain where they are, and who they are expecting to be talking to.

Players are also encouraged to use HTML links (a href) wherever possible (especially when their entries are a continuation of a previous one or an ongoing story), both in their entries and their comments. Examples of HTML referencing can be found here (Daniel announcing which thread he's going to next) and here (Ianto referencing which thread he's just come from).


This LiveJournal Community is one in a series of journals that comprise the LiveJournal Role Playing Game known as Teh Game. The characters in Teh Game are entirely fictional and only loosely based on the BBC series Doctor Who and Torchwood which, as far as we are aware, is still property of the BBC etc. etc. The various and assorted other programmes which have since its inception infiltrated Teh Game are all, as goes without saying, the property of their respective owners.